What We Do

we provide a comprehensive range of services to help our clients create the home or business of their dreams. Our experienced team of architects and designers are dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the individual needs of each project. We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial projects and have extensive experience in the design and construction of new buildings and renovations. Our services include architectural design, site selection, zoning analysis, construction management, interior design, landscape design, energy efficiency and sustainability consulting, as well as project management and construction services. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service, quality and value.


Offices, House, Shopping Malls, Showrooms, Restaurant and Institutional

Office Building
Generally, office buildings can be either owner-occupied or speculative. While one requires in-depth understanding of the Clients’ specific needs, the other demands design flexibility for a wide range of potential tenant types. High-rise office towers offer the unique potential of being iconic symbols within their urban environment. Cube Design Studio has extensive experience in handling a wide range of office building in all categories.

Cube Design Studio has completed wide range of institutional projects ranging from primary, secondary and tertiary educational facilities to corporate training centers, medical facilities and religious buildings. With their potential for dramatic symbolism, institutional programs offer exciting design challenges which Cube Design Studio has successfully met.

Residential projects are a fundamental responsibility of all conscientious architects and can range widely to include single family houses, gated communities, housing developments, low-density apartments and exclusive high rise condominiums. Cube Design Studio has extensive experience in all these areas, and continues to be a leader in the exploration of innovative design solutions.

Interior Design

Cube Design Studio has been providing interior design services since 2012, and it has since experienced rapid growth, expanding into all areas of the interior design field. Today, despite its relative maturity, Cube Design Studio continues to pursue a dynamic approach to interior design founded on innovation and the principles of professionalism.

Cube design Studio has been honored over the years with works commissioned for major international and public listed companies. Completed works of the firm have been published widely in the local media and the Principals have presented their work and ideas at numerous academic and professional forums.

Cube Design Studio has adopted a flexible and adaptable approach to handling projects, tailored to respond to the specific needs of each particular project and the decision-making process of the client or its representatives. At Cube Design Studio the quality of professional service to each Client takes precedence over theoretical design goals. Consequently, the firm’s work is marked not by a fixed stylistics signature, but rather by a consistent approach inspired by the principles of good design.


Offices, House, Shopping Malls, Showrooms, Restaurant and Institutional

Cube Design Studio provides services in two core areas; landscape design and landscape master planning. During the 3 years of its operation, the company has established an enviable legacy of complete and ongoing projects on the ground. Our completed project experience in Karachi and all over the Pakistan covers residential, educational, sporting and international visitor’s destinations.

The philosophy of Cube Design Studio is to achieve a symbiosis between the natural and the man-made; whereby neither overwhelms the other.

Cube Design Studio commissions are as diverse as the subject itself and range from the macro to the micro scale of environment, from urban to rural. Our client base includes Government sectors, Private Developers and Co-Consultant such as Engineers, Architect and Quantity Surveyors.

Project Management

Residential, Commercial Building, Office Interior

Cube Design Studio was established with the intention of rendering professional quantity surveying and project management services for the building and construction industry. As a professional consultancy, our growth and development is based on our ability to deliver what we promise. Cube Design Studio provides a wide spectrum of Quantity Surveying and Project Management Services to the public and private sector as follows

Economics of Design and Construction
Feasibility studies, budgets and cost plans backed by an extensive database of general and client specific project information.

Strategic Project Planning and Implementation
Procurement strategies and management of the procurement process.

Project Management, Monitoring and Client’s Project Representatives
Services from inception to completion delivered by experienced project managers ensuring tat projects are delivered efficiency.

Project Documentation
Tender document for main contracts and specialist sub-contracts. Bills of quantities / employer’s requirement s / schedules of works / priced schedules of activities. Assembly and co-ordination of designing consultants’ documentation and preparation of contract documents.